Global Impact Gymnastics Alliance (GIGA)

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A global opportunity connecting athletes, fans, and sponsor brands

Global Impact Gymnastics Alliance, GIGA, is the first ever women’s professional gymnastics platform. Charting a new course for women’s gymnastics, GIGA brings to life a groundbreaking professional gymnastics circuit combined with a multimedia content platform.

The Backstory

Why Gymnastics and Why Now?

Global audience demand for women

Gymnastics is the most dominant Olympic sport, characterized by huge star power of its female athletes. Versus male counterparts, women see +2X fan interest and rank #1 among both global female fans and U.S. TV audiences. Notably, NBC’s Tokyo primetime aired more hours of women’s gymnastics than any other men’s or women’s Olympic sport.

Huge viewership and growth

Gymnastics draws a diverse, highly brand attractive audience and offers compelling content across all formats – live events, storytelling, social media clips. NCAA saw sold out 2023 events and record ABC/ ESPN viewership. Of note, women pull in +10X NCAA finals revenue vs. men, and LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne is NIL's top ranked female athlete, with +11M followers and ~$3.5M in deals.

Massive, untapped market

Despite a rich history, no pro system exists beyond NCAA or Olympic gymnastics; addressing this gap presents a remarkable opportunity, considering men’s and women’s sports market value tops $500B globally. Women’s gymnastics is primed for far greater exposure, athlete storytelling, and fan engagement, especially given positive trends in women's sports, media, and viewership. 


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