Our School Districts Are Highly Rated

Snohomish County is known for its high-quality education system, designed to inspire greatness from its students, staff, and families. Each school district is committed to providing powerful instruction and equitable access, with individualized programming and curriculum. 

The school districts within Snohomish County work closely with students and families. Each school district has  caring staff who is focused on professional growth and continuous improvement in skills, knowledge and meeting the needs of all learners. Strong and dedicated teachers and staff aim to create a community where each student’s strengths and passions are focused on.


School Spotlights

Arlington High School students provide a unique opportunity for students. Through an application process, students are selected to participate in a program as student advisors to the school board and Advisory Council for Education (ACE). The goal of ACE is to provide systematic public involvement in educational decisions focused on by the school board.

Open Doors Alternative School in Granite Falls offers personalized, innovative learning opinions. The district itself is nestled between the Cascade Mountains and Puget Sound, surrounded by farmland and seven lakes. A certified staff offers a variety of unique educational programs, providing for specific needs for all students. The school district strives to ensure the best educational environment is offered for each student to reach his/her academic, physical, social, and emotional potential. 

The Darrington School District works with our STEM program, leveraging community partnerships to offer education and career development opportunities for students.

Snohomish County is well-known for its variety of universities and choices for ongoing education after high school. Snohomish County is home to more than 15 higher educational institutions. Focusing on 21st Century skills and STEM, the higher education network is devoted to connecting the next generation of workforce and local employers. The Higher Education partners in Snohomish County collaborate effortlessly to offer continuity to each student, connection points for employers and degree offerings that meet the needs of employers in the community. 

Snohomish County is ranked second in Washington for Computer Science Degrees at UW Bothell, proudly enrolling over 1000 students each year.

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