Snohomish County Committee for Improved Transportation (SCCIT)

The SCCIT is a separate organization from EASC, which helps facilitate its mission of:

Provide regional guidance and support the development of multimodal transportation systems in and around Snohomish County to ensure the safe, efficient movement of the community, employees, customers, clients and goods.

SCCIT Overview

Snohomish County Committee for Improved Transportation (SCCIT) was created in 1985 as Snohomish County’s transportation needs continued to exceed available resources. Innovative solutions were and are still needed to address funding and other critical transportation needs of Snohomish County. SCCIT is a non-profit organization of business, citizen and governmental leaders who share a common interest in seeking solutions to our transportation problems. They strive to improve the quality of life for Snohomish County residents as well as provide a competitive business environment.

2023 Regional Priority Projects
2024 Snohomish County Regional Priority Projects
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