Workforce Programs

Many programs exist throughout Snohomish County that facilitate the skill development of existing area workforce and recruit and develop new workers. Please follow the links below or contact EASC for more information.

Sno-Isle Skills Center offers students programming opportunities to learn skills to prepare them for entry-level jobs after graduation or post-high school education or training. The center is a collaborative effort of more than 14 school districts, and offers over 20 courses in five different career pathways. Pathways include Business Marketing and Management, Information Technology, Human Services, Trade and Industry, and Science & Health. Students spend half of their day at the Skills Center and half a day at MHS. Credits transfer to the high school transcript and apply towards a variety of graduation requirements. 

The Incumbent Worker Training program provides funding for continuing education, training, and upskilling of existing employees. It is designed to increase local businesses' competitiveness, avert potential layoffs and/or upskill/backfill workers for existing Snohomish County businesses.