Economic Alliance Snohomish County brings together private and public partners

Economic Alliance Snohomish County (EASC) builds community creating a unified voice for Snohomish County. We are a non-profit serving as a combined economic development organization and Countywide chamber of commerce.

Under the economic development segment, we are committed to growing and nurturing a vital and globally competitive regional economy. We achieve this by expanding partnerships, developing key resources and building the infrastructure systems creating local and regional employment centers. As a chamber of commerce, we provide networking events, offer business resources and organize high level signature events that convene the County’s leadership for key updates and high-level conversations.

Please reach out to us today to join in advancing Snohomish County’s economic vitality and Quality of Life.


In 2011, the Economic Development Council of Snohomish County, the Everett Chamber of Commerce, and the South Snohomish County Chamber of Commerce merged to create Economic Alliance Snohomish County. These three organizations knew their combined efforts would be strengthened to further drive Snohomish County’s economic vitality.


Economic Alliance Snohomish County is a catalyst for economic vitality, resulting in stronger communities.


Snohomish County is globally connected, uniquely local and recognized as the place to be.

Business Objectives & Strategies


Advocacy - Unifying Voices

Influence policy to ensure a world-class infrastructure and competitive business environment.

  • Work with private and public sectors to speak with a unified voice representing economic interests of Snohomish County and build relationships between business leaders along with elected officials at state and federal levels
  • Align partners to develop an annual legislative agenda which champions Snohomish County business interests and supports emerging business sectors
  • Advocate for hard and soft infrastructure resources and policies that spur private sector investments and improves the marketability of Snohomish County

Development - Economic Vitality

Build an economic engine that attracts new business and supports the growth of existing business.

  • Support business sectors through business retention and expansion efforts, coordinating these endeavors with community partners
  • Leverage partnerships with private and public sectors to provide information and other services to site selectors and businesses considering an expanded presence in Snohomish County
  • Research and contact companies in targeted industries, including diversification opportunities to increase our area’s visibility for recruitment and capital investment

Connections - Build Relationships

Increase your presence in our community through connections and access to resources.

  • Serve as “Center of Influence” in Snohomish County where industry, government, labor, and nonprofits convene about common interests
  • Connect and align business sector leaders through strategic committees and educational and networking events throughout the year
  • Facilitate access to professional advice and technical assistance for small business growth, through business assistance services such as PTAC, SBTRC, WSBDC, and Snohomish STEM

Download Valuable Resources

EASC Investor Booklet
EASC 2019 Annual Report
EASC Business Resource Guide