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Who we are?

North Seattle – Snohomish County

Economic Alliance Snohomish County is a non-profit serving as a combined economic development organization and countywide chamber of commerce. Economic Alliance Snohomish County is a catalyst for economic vitality resulting in stronger communities, increased job creation, expanded educational opportunities, and improved infrastructure.

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What our Members have to say

    "I choose to invest in EASC for many reasons. Being an investor has helped me be aware of what is going on in the county and community that might affect my business and personal life. The staff is great to work with, they answer all my questions and connect me to programs that will grow my business. The events are enjoyable to attend and allows me to meet new people and discuss business opportunities. Our business move to Snohomish County was made easier with the help of EASC board members. We appreciate all of their help and support. The investment is well worth it!"
  • Beth Wooly
    "EASC is a powerful economic development engine with global outreach that energetically supports large and small business growth within our region. It provides essential business and demographic information that helps me anticipate trends, is essential to my strategic planning—and provides useful context for the work I do for clients. It hosts a variety of events that facilitate learning, networking and relationship-building. EASC’s staff and services provide an indispensable link between my business and the tools I need to keep growing."
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      "Chef Dane Catering is a proud member of the Economic Alliance Snohomish County. In 2016, we moved into a new commercial kitchen located in Lynnwood and were eager to grow our business within the surrounding community. We joined EASC upon learning of the membership benefits. Immediately, their team strategically helped align us with businesses and events that matched our growth vision. In addition, the resources available lend professional advice on business strategies, financial analysis, networking and more. EASC is a solid organization truly making a difference for businesses and residents through Snohomish County."
  • Workforce Snohomish Erin Monroe
    "Economic Alliance Snohomish County (EASC) has been the best investment that Workforce Snohomish has ever made. Patrick Pierce, CEO, has done an outstanding job keeping businesses apprised of key legislative issues and working with them to increase the economic vitality of Snohomish County. In addition, EASC has been a significant partner with Workforce Snohomish by aligning our economic and workforce development initiatives together. All businesses should be a member of EASC because the return on investment is ten-fold."
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    "The EASC is a vital association in our region. They are the central hub to bringing businesses together in our region. They are a commerce driver. Pilchuck Business Consulting is a small business. We coach leaders, business developers, networkers, public speakers, marketers, perform recruiting and guide companies’ growth. The EASC has been a strong resource in helping my business grow. The EASC helps to provide my firm and large firms I represent, with networking support, leads, political knowledge, economic information and training opportunities.  Their partnership has been invaluable!"
  • Sea-Lect Plastics
    "SEA-LECT Plastics has been a member of EASC for many years. We are very selective with our memberships and stayed with EASC because of the value they provide. Their advocacy for the business community of Snohomish County is amplified by the many programs they offer their members. Their Speaker Series for example has given us a great opportunity to inform other members of our success with apprenticeships and started a great dialog in the community. EASC makes it very easy to connect and get involved."
  • Dewar Meeks + Ekrem
    "Dewar Meeks + Ekrem PC appreciates the EASC and the influence it has to grow the business community in Snohomish County. It is a pleasure to be part of an organization that sees the big picture and works to grow an environment for community success. We are honored to be an investor since EASC’s inception."