Snohomish County Is Home to Artists and Unique Experiences

Less than 30 miles from Seattle, Snohomish County is a balanced mix of quaint small towns and larger cities like Everett. The County offers a unique array of activities to community members. Whether you are seeking a deeper understanding of the area’s history or want a night at the theater, Snohomish County delivers a variety of arts, culture and entertainment options close to home. 


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Home to Artists & Creators

Snohomish County is home to some of the most creative and gifted artists in Washington. Spend an afternoon perusing carvings, paintings and weavings in local galleries. Or enjoy an evening with friends at The Everett Performing Arts Center, marveling at the performers talent.

Theatrical performances with a talented company of actors, costume designers and live orchestras can be found here. A night at the local theater to take in the latest opera, dance and music recital or musical is sure to be unforgettable.  

Edmonds Creative District encompasses the center of Edmonds and proudly serves as Washington’s first Certified Creative District. Featuring an abundance of culture, arts, public gathering areas, creative-sector businesses, and historic structures, the Edmonds Creative District lies on all the shores of Puget Sound with breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains. Unique to Edmonds, the creative zone is broader and surrounds businesses focused on photography and videography, design, brewing, distilling, creative software, jewelry making, architecture, cabinetry, catering, book pushing and more. The unique types of creative businesses form a strong unity, inspiring and supporting creative-sector businesses within the Edmonds Creative District. Explore our arts scene further.


Snohomish County Has a Rich History

Immerse yourself in a greater appreciation for the history of the region by visiting the Hibulb Cultural Center & Natural History Preserve. The mission is to restore, revive, protect, interpret, collect and enhance the history of the Tulalip Tribes. The Hibulb Cultural Center covers more than 50 acres and features interactive exhibits, classrooms for extended learning and a research library. Explore the historical and cultural activities.