Empowering the Future Workforce: Snohomish STEM Network

LOGO%20(1)The Snohomish STEM Network is a cornerstone of STEM education in Snohomish County. We empower local students through STEM programs, career-connected learning, and strategic partnerships with educators, businesses, and community organizations. Our mission is cultivating a vibrant, equitable workforce ready to excel in high-demand STEM careers.

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Who We Are

The Snohomish STEM Network is a collaborative initiative bringing together a diverse group of leaders dedicated to advancing STEM education and opportunities in Snohomish County. Our Network comprises an Executive Leadership Council and a Representative Council, each filled with respected leaders from K-12 schools, higher education, industry, and public and nonprofit sectors.

Supported by Career Connect Washington, Economic Alliance Snohomish County (EASC), and Washington STEM, we leverage our collective expertise to foster innovation and create pathways for students to succeed in STEM fields. Through these partnerships, we aim to build a strong foundation for a future workforce that drives our region's economic growth and technological advancement.

Our Key Services

The ECHO program provides STEM after-school programs, internships, and community projects. These initiatives allow students to apply classroom learning in practical settings, gaining essential skills and insights into STEM careers.

STEM Like Me! introduces STEM professionals to classrooms, inspiring students through STEM workshops and personal stories. These interactions demystify STEM careers and encourage students to explore their potential in STEM fields. These programs offer turnkey solutions, with program design, scheduling, volunteer recruiting, training, background checks, and recognition all handled by The STEM Foundation staff. This removes teachers' burden and ensures a quality experience for volunteers, teachers, and students.

Community Partnerships: We believe in collaboration and have created a network that supports career-connected learning and workforce readiness by partnering with local businesses, educational institutions, and community organizations.

Equitable Access to Opportunities: We are dedicated to providing all students, regardless of background, access to high-quality STEM education and career opportunities. Our inclusive programs ensure that every student has the chance to succeed in STEM fields.

Our Goals

Catalyze Regional Collaborations: We bring stakeholders from various sectors together to develop strategies and partnerships that drive STEM education and workforce development in Snohomish County.

Increase Equity and Access: We are committed to ensuring that all students have equitable access to high-wage, high-demand career opportunities in STEM fields, breaking down barriers to success.

Support Career Pathways: From early education to career entry, we support a coherent pipeline of STEM talent. We focus on career-connected learning and lifelong learning, ensuring that our community can thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Why It Matters

The Snohomish STEM Network is more than an educational initiative; it catalyzes community growth and prosperity. By preparing students for successful careers in STEM fields, we are investing in the future of Snohomish County. Our efforts drive economic development and innovation and create a thriving future workforce.

For Businesses

Partner with Us to Shape the Future Workforce

  • Why? Engage with the next generation of innovators and help build a talent pipeline that meets your industry’s needs. By partnering with the Snohomish STEM Network, you’ll gain access to motivated, skilled students ready to contribute to your business.
  • Action: Join Our Business Network to offer internships, mentorships, and career-connected learning opportunities.
  • Benefit: Secure a future workforce with the skills and passion for STEM careers.

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For Students

Explore Exciting STEM Opportunities

  • Why? Discover hands-on learning experiences, meet STEM professionals, and find your passion in high-demand STEM fields. The Snohomish STEM Network provides you with the tools and opportunities to succeed.
  • Action: Get Involved with ECHO or STEM Like Me! to participate in STEM workshops, internships, and mentorships.
  • Benefit: Gain practical experience, build your resume, and start your journey towards a fulfilling STEM career.

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For Educators

Enhance Your Curriculum with Real-World STEM

  • Why? Bring dynamic, real-world STEM experiences into your classroom and inspire your students to pursue STEM careers. Collaborate with professionals and organizations that can provide resources and expertise.
  • Action: Connect with STEM Professionals to integrate programs like STEM Like Me! Into your teaching.
  • Benefit: Enrich your students’ learning, foster career awareness, and prepare them for future opportunities in STEM fields.

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Please contact us here for more information on how you can support or partner with the Snohomish STEM Network through EASC.

Together, we can transform STEM education and ensure a thriving future for Snohomish County.