Opportunity lives in Snohomish County for your new or expanding business

Located north of Seattle, Snohomish County, has a number of inherent business advantages for a wide range of business endeavors. Those looking for a new building or property site will find ample availability in the cities and towns throughout the County, whether an urban or rural setting is the best fit.

map of western Washington

Snohomish County businesses benefit from a number of location advantages, beginning with unparalleled transportation infrastructure. Beyond the presence of I-5 and rail running through the entirety of the County, business can leverage the Port of Everett and Paine Field to maximize efficiency freight and travel needs without ever leaving Snohomish County. Leading a long list of available tax incentives available to local businesses is the presence of seven Opportunity Zones in key areas spread out across the County. Every site or building either already has or can quickly develop access to or reliable and state-of-the-art utilities as a perfect complement to any business in Snohomish County.

Join a number of major employers from the Aerospace, Information and Communication Technology, Medical Device and Maritime Industries that have discovered these opportunities awaiting your business in Snohomish County.

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