Would you rather live next to mountains or water? We choose both.

Snohomish (sno-HOH’-mish) County is located in northwest Washington State, twelve miles north of Seattle and 100 miles south of Vancouver, Canada. Located between the sparkling waters of the Puget Sound and the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Mountains.

Your business can be located in a downtown urban setting, a suburban business park or in the open spaces of the countryside. Everett, the county seat and largest city, has a population of 113,349. Stanwood, a small community with an agricultural history, has a population of 7,500. The wide variety of communities offer diverse housing with options for those looking to live in the city, country, suburbs, and by the water.

Stunningly Beautiful 

Our quality of place is heavily influenced by spectacularly beautiful, natural scenery. Snohomish County is the  recreational mecca with a temperate climate which encourages year-round outdoor fun. For those with an inclination to water sports, we offer rivers for kayaking and rafting, lakes for boating and skiing, and inland waterways for scuba-diving or sailing. The Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges offer peaks to climb in the summer and ski in the winter. Your adventure awaits in Snohomish County!


Snohomish County is Part of the Seattle Metropolitan Area

These natural amenities are enhanced by the urban offerings of a major metropolitan area. While the County population is 835,533, the population of the Greater Seattle region is 4,270,000. World-class theater, museums catering to many interests, music, arts, shopping and dining can be easily found in Snohomish County and in the greater Seattle region. 


Explore the Wonders of Snohomish County

Quality of Place is difficult to address simply with words. Explore Seattle North Country to complete the story! Come play with PNW Sports – Snohomish County Sports Commission to enjoy the world of sports.