J. Donovan Smith Creative

• Everett, WA
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Every business has a story to tell. We help you
tell that story.


We have over 25 years of visual communication experience, everything from videography and photography to graphic design. We also have relationships and partnerships with web developing professionals, voice-over talent, radio advertising, strategic brand marketers, and more.


The best part of the work we do, is our clients….PERIOD! We love the collaboration, the conversations, the laughs, and the adventure of the entire process. Without you, we would not be enjoying what we do every day; we would be sulking, in a corner, waiting to let our creativity run free! So when we say the best part of our work is you, we mean it.


We offer our clients the latest in video marketing trends, which has proven to lead to a 94% increase in brand understanding of your target market. Our work leads to immediate, real, and authentic brand interaction between you and your customers.


Let’s talk about how we can get you the visibility through your story, so you become part of the 94% who’s customers understands your brand, and increase your revenue.