Shubert Ho's favorite AAPI owned businesses in Snohomish County

Shubert Ho's favorite AAPI owned businesses in Snohomish County Main Photo

25 May 2022

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Shubert Ho's favorite AAPI owned businesses in Snohomish County

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we asked executive chef and owner of Feedme Hospitality & Restaurant Group, and Economic Alliance Snohomish County Board of Trustees member, Shubert Ho to contribute his list of must-visit AAPI owned businesses in Snohomish County.

Over the last decade, Ho has become one of the most well-respected names in the Edmonds food scene. Since opening Bar Dojo in 2012, Ho’s Feedme Hospitality and Restaurant Group has built a lineup of eateries including seafood spot the Market, steak and oyster focused Salt and Iron, and Italian fare featuring Fire and the Feast. All are within Edmonds. He’s a partner in SanKai, Ryuichi Nakano’s sushi restaurant and has several additional projects in the works for the Edmonds Waterfront Center.

Shubert calls Snohomish County home and knows the importance of supporting AAPI owned local businesses. Below, he highlights 6 of his favorites.


Noodle Hut Edmonds, WA

Noodle Hut is run by a family that takes ultimate care in preparation and ingredients. Their street food is an absolute treat featuring some of the best Phad See Ew, Boat Noodles and Pineapple Fried Rice I've ever had. Every dish is made to perfection and the same as the last time you had it. You have to get your order in early thought or be ok with waiting! They are a very popular option for takeout.


H-mart Lynnwood, WA

How can you have the perfect homemade Hot Pot spread without going to H-Mart to get ALL the goodies? This grocery store has been my go to spot for all the lovely cuts of meat, Asian vegetables, fish balls and condiments. Hot Pot is a staple of mine though the colder months for dinner, and a great reason to invite friends and family over for some QT.


SanKai Edmonds, WA

Where else can you find one of the best Omakase experiences other than at Nakano-San's sushi bar, SanKai? Snohomish County is super fortunate that Ryuichi Nakano picked Downtown Edmonds to be the location of choice after he sold Kisaku in Seattle. The best way to visit is to reserve a spot at the sushi bar (WAY IN ADVANCE) and just let him take you on a 40 course culinary journey, or until you're absolutely stuffed!


Korea House Marysville, WA

Snohomish County has no shortage of awesome Korean restaurants. One that stands out though is Korea House with their fancy down-draft BBQ exhaust accompanied by ample grill space and a great selection of meat and seafood. Of course there's Banchan (Korean cold apps with plenty of pickled vegetables) brought to the table first thing, just to wet the appetite! Call it natural probiotics prior to the feast.


Bar Dojo Edmonds, WA

I know i'm talking about one of my own here, but this restaurant started out on shoe strings and blossomed into the premier Chinolatino neighborhood gem! I take the family there for dinner now more than I cook there, as Chef Luis Brambila has incorporated his Latino heritage into my Lau Lau's (Grandmother's in Mandarin) recipes. Be it Pork Belly Tacos or the Crab & Poke Bowl, Bar Dojo surely has all the comfort food boxes checked!


Fashion Dim Sum Edmonds, WA

Fashion Dim Sum is probably one of the smallest Dim Sum restaurants I've ever been to. Their food though is impeccable with hand made delicacies that will "touch your heart" every time you go. The Chicken Feet, Lotus Sticky Rice and Congee instantly take me back to my childhood of Sunday morning brunch with ALL the cousins. Don't forget to allot for an hour nap afterwards!