New Staff and Promotions at Economic Alliance Snohomish County (EASC)

New Staff and Promotions at Economic Alliance Snohomish County (EASC) Main Photo

17 May 2022


Staff Transitions at EASC Reflect Workforce Trends Nationwide

Economic Alliance Snohomish County (EASC) recently welcomed new staff members. In addition, several people are transitioning internally to new roles within the organization.

Two new people joined EASC in May: Wendy Poishbeg, VP of Economic Development, and Amanda Gourlie, VP of Operations. In April, Brian Doyle joined EASC as the Director of Investor Relations. Previously, Brian was the Business Relations Manager at Snohomish STEM.

Poishbeg and Gourlie will both be joining the EASC leadership team and have extensive backgrounds in their areas of responsibility. Poischbeg brings 25 years of experience in management, strategy, and program development, and Gourlie has 10 years of expertise as a small business owner and COO, and 12 years in operations.

Several current EASC staff members have recently transitioned to new positions. In April, Raechel Morera was promoted from Administrative Assistant to Communications & Brand Manager, and in May, Robin Curtis was promoted from Executive Assistant to Business Coordinator.

There are currently two active openings at EASC for the positions of Finance Director and Government Relations Manager. 

“We are thrilled that Wendy Poishbeg and Amanda Gourlie will now be part of our leadership team, and that Brian Doyle who we already have a strong relationship with will be joining us as our new Director of Investor Relations,” said Garry Clark, EASC President & CEO. “In addition, I want to congratulate our staff members Raechel Morera and Robin Curtis on their recent promotions. We have an amazing  team at EASC, and we’re here to help businesses in Snohomish County however we can.”

The transition of new staff to EASC, as well as that of staff leaving their positions at the organization, reflect larger workforce trends nationwide. In fact, workforce shortages are a major concern for businesses and economic developers throughout the country. And, for economic developers, finding workers with the right skill set is becoming increasingly more challenging. All of us at EASC will continue to strive to provide workforce training and opportunities for workers to upskill to continue to help create a diverse and skills-ready workforce locally. 

Other workforce development strategies include reaching students early through job fairs and other events, developing affordable housing options within the community to reduce workers’ commutes, and helping employers with recruitment ideas and strategies.

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About Economic Alliance Snohomish County
Economic Alliance Snohomish County carries out business attraction, retention and expansion, and collaborative engagement to achieve a prosperous, sustainable and equitable community while maintaining Snohomish County's natural beauty and quality of life.

EASC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports existing Snohomish companies and works with prospective companies on-site location, workforce training, identifying incentives and access to capital, permitting research, and other forms of assistance. In addition, EASC’s strategies focus on improving assets and amenities within Snohomish County, strengthening communities, and working to make Snohomish County more prosperous, successful, diversified, and sustainable.