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Economic Alliance Snohomish County Vision

About Economic Alliance Snohomish County

Economic Alliance Snohomish County is a non-profit serving as a combined economic development organization and countywide chamber of commerce. We bring together private-public partners to create a unified voice for Snohomish County.

We are committed to growing and nurturing a vital regional economy that is globally competitive. We achieve this by expanding partnerships, developing key resources and building the infrastructure systems creating local and regional employment centers.

Our History

Chamber of Commerce + Economic Development
In 2011, the Economic Development Council of Snohomish County, the Everett Chamber of Commerce, and the South Snohomish County Chamber of Commerce merged to create Economic Alliance Snohomish County. These three organizations wanted to strengthen efforts to create economic vitality for Snohomish County. As a chamber of commerce, we provide networking events, offer business resources and organize high level signature events that convene the county’s leadership for key updates and high-level conversations.

Business Line Focus

Business Objectives and Strategies

Economic Alliance Snohomish County Business Objective
With strong community support, Snohomish County is a local, regional, and national leader for promoting economic development. Our Board of Trustees have outlined strategic goals to continue to enhance Snohomish County’s economic vitality:

  • Attract, Develop & Retain Talent
    Increase training and educational opportunities and awareness to satisfy workforce demand for all industry sectors.
  • Achieve World-Class Infrastructure
    Support initiatives to develop the infrastructure necessary for continued business recruitment and retention.
  • Foster Industry & Sector Diversity
    Implement and sustain business recruitment and retention initiatives to grow and diversify the County’s economy.
  • Promote Snohomish County’s Strategic Assets
    Launch positioning and promotion strategies designed to resonate with regional, national and international audiences.

Want to Learn More?

Joining Economic Alliance Snohomish County is an investment in a mission that directly serves your community. Our relationship with each investor is the cornerstone of our mission and vision for Snohomish County. Please complete the form below to schedule a time to meet.