Washington PTAC

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Washington PTAC

PTAC has been extremely helpful in assisting us in navigating the nuances of jumping into government contract. There are so many steps and precautions to take when getting started and PTAC had everything I need to get started. We still have a long way to go but see PTAC as an important part of our government contracting strategy.”

– Jackson Pierce Caliber Security Partner

What does Washington PTAC do?

The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) located at Economic Alliance Snohomish County is part of 8 Washington State centers. Washington PTAC assists small businesses to FIND, BID ON and WIN government contracts. They offer free one-on-one counseling services, workshops and other support to Washington State based businesses.

PTAC services are available for any business looking to diversify their revenues in the government market.

PTAC counselors have a wealth of knowledge about the government procurement arena. They are also effective advocates for small businesses trying to navigate government contracts. Considering the challenges small businesses face to stay competitive against mid to large corporations in the “lowest-price wins” bidding environment, it is crucial to be able to access the expertise and assistance that PTAC provides at no cost.

– Cara Buckingham, Birch Equipment Rental and Sales

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Procurement Counselor

Whether you are just getting started in government contracting or a seasoned pro, Washington PTAC can help you grow your business.

Contact Lisa Lagerstrom  to learn more.