Economic Alliance Snohomish County is committed to an economic model that promotes  a vibrant, regional economy that is enhanced and supported  by an educated and skilled workforce; effective and efficient multimodal transportation and utilities infrastructure, and a competitive business environment that  supports key regional industries, innovation start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Individually, these three initiatives create and support short-term jobs. However, when integrated they function as an economic ecosystem spurring innovation, sustaining vibrant communities and supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes which create jobs for the 21st century economy.



Legislative Priorities

The 2015 legislative session saw major successes and investments for the future of Snohomish County. Ten of the eleven legislative asks on the EASC Legislative Agenda where passed and/or funded at some level.

Major accomplishments included over $670 Million in transportation infrastructure investments, as well as authorization for Sound Transit and Community Transit to hold ballot measures to generate funding to expand services. There were also major capital investments in education facilities, including $54 Million to build the Everett University Center.

For the 2016 legislative session, our region will focus on building on past accomplishments, but with an eye on the future as Snohomish County continues to be the fastest growing county in the state. Focus areas will be transportation and infrastructure, competitiveness, education and workforce, as well as attention on health and human services.

As our County reaps the benefits of enviable growth, it is vital that we integrate our rural areas into the regional economy, as well as better provide social assistance and opportunities to the most vulnerable members of our community so that we can all share in our economic success.

Click here for the 2016 Snohomish County Regional Legislative Agenda