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At Economic Alliance Snohomish County, our members are “investors” because they are investing not only in our mission, but our community.  When a business invests, they become part of a community that creates a more vibrant county with long term economic vitality. Our investors are advocates for Snohomish County and partner with us to achieve common goals and provide valuable resources to assist the businesses that reside here. At Economic Alliance, we believe that your investment is more than a transaction and strive to build relationships with each member.  We bring together over 400 investors from industry, government, education and more.

Why join Economic Alliance Snohomish County?

  • Connect with valuable resources and opportunities
  • Establish strong business relationships
  • Increase visibility for your business
  • Track key economic indicators
  • Appear in our on-line member directory
  • Interact with regional public and private sector decision makers at robust events and activities
  • Receive regular and reliable updates about activities that impact the Snohomish County business community
  • Educate yourself and your team on topics to support your business
  • Have your voice heard

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