Why Invest

Some benefits to our Investors include opportunities to:

  • Establish strong business relationships;
  • Increase visibility for your business;
  • Get key economic indicators provided to you in a concise format;
  • Promote your business through our website;
  • Interact with a variety of regional public and private decision makers through a robust calendar of events and activities throughout the year.
  • Receive regular and reliable updates about activities that impact the Snohomish County business community;
  • Educate yourself and your team on topics to support your business.


Major Priorities

In addition, investing in EASC is truly an investment in Snohomish County, and the entire region. We are serious in our commitment to support and strengthen our county, and help the businesses who choose to reside here.


In order to live up to its economic potential, our region must unite and focus efforts in specific areas. Economic Alliance Snohomish County and our Board of Trustees for 2015 have established five major objectives:

  • Support, develop and attract new & existing talent – Increase training and educational opportunities to satisfy skilled worker demand for all industry sectors.
  • Achieve world class infrastructure – Prioritize and facilitate infrastructure and transportation initiatives
  • Foster industry diversity & marker the region – Implement a sustainable business retention, expansion and recruitment program
  • Solidify global aerospace leadership – Lead Washington’s aerospace competitiveness to protect and strengthen Snohomish County’s core industrial base.
  • Strengthen military sector – Increase military presence in Snohomish County


For a more detailed explanation of the benefits of investment, please fill out a consultation request form.