Q: How do I become an investor?

A: The best way to start is by either reaching out to our Director, Business Development & Small Business Programs, Jim Stephanson, at JimS@economicalliancesc.org or to fill out our online consultation request form. Our offerings and services and investor benefits are best explained in person or at the very least over the phone. We are happy to meet with you and will be responsive to your inquiries.

Q: What does it cost to become an EASC Investor?

A: There are numerous investment levels for joining us at EASC and each level carries specific benefits and opportunities. The investors dues would be collected at the point of becoming an investor and are then renewable annually.

Q: Who are your current investors?

A: Our investors come primarily from Snohomish County but also from throughout Western Washington. We have investors from all size companies from one person to our largest employer with over 35,000 employees and all sizes in between. We have investors from the public sector as well as the private sector. Over 70% of our investors are from the private sector. To view a list of our investors, click here. Also, you can search for a specific company, or by category.

Q: What is the difference between being an “Investor” and a “Member”

A: We prefer the term Investor rather than Member because when an organization joins us, they are investing in our mission and believe that through our combined strategic roles, we can continually strengthen Snohomish County. They believe, and invest in, what EASC is working towards, and are true partners in those efforts. The term Member implies simply a transactional agreement for services. When a business invests, they become part of a joint effort to create long term economic vitality in Snohomish County.

Q: What industry sectors are represented within your investor group?

A: Some of the main business sectors represented by our investors include; Retail, Manufacturing, Aerospace Manufacturing, Business Services, Education, Public Services, Health Care, Non-Profit Service Organizations, Communications / Media, and Tourism / Hospitality. For a full list, click here.

More Information

If you are looking for more information, please contact Jim Stephanson at JimS@economicalliancesc.org, or submit a Consultation Request.