Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees assist EASC in attracting new investors and provide strategic guidance in the areas of organizational mission and annual work plan. In addition they provide ongoing support for the core competencies of business retention and recruitment, including hosting clients, offering expertise, and furthering the achievement of work plan job. Our trustee board is limited to 55 members and is targeted at 30 percent public, 70 percent private and meets quarterly.

For more information about our Board of Trustees, or how your company can get involved, please contact Patrick Pierce at 425.743.4567 or


Advocacy Board

Our Advocacy Board meets quarterly to review strategy and discuss actions necessary to achieve our goals relative to improving our region’s workforce, infrastructure and business environment. By helping our region speak with one voice, we believe we can exert greater influence on public policy, and ultimately, make Snohomish County a better place to live and do business. For more information about EASC’s Advocacy program, our priorities, or how your company can get involved with the Advocacy Board, please contact Erik Ashlie-Vinke at 425.248.4217 or


Industry & Resource Development Board

The Industry & Resource Development Advisory Board provides guidance and develops strategies directed towards a positive business climate supporting Snohomish County firms and attracting firms from outside the Puget Sound region. Board composition includes private sector executives and economic development officials from the public sector. For more information about our efforts in industry and resource development, or how your company can get involved with the board, please contact Matt Smith at 425.248.4219 or


Small Business Connections Board

Our Small Business Advisory Board is comprised of a group of approximately 20-25 EASC Investors chosen to serve. The Board’s function is to be a clearing house and facilitator for business resources, small business programs and committees and focuses on bringing new value added programs and ideas to Snohomish County’s Small Businesses in any number of way. For more information about our efforts in small business development and programs, or how your company can get involved with the board, please contact Jim Stephanson at 425.248.4232 or


Aerospace In Action

Boeing estimates that airlines will need $4.0 trillion worth of commercial airplanes over the next 20 years. Whether they’re built here — or somewhere else — is largely up to us, and what we do to stay competitive. Recent studies estimate that Boeing 747, 767, 777 and 787 programs contribute over $300M in taxes and employ almost 53,000 people, with some 40,000 at the Everett plant with wages and benefits valued at approximately $6.8B. Add to that taxes, jobs and wages for the 218 other aerospace related businesses in Snohomish County, and one can easily see why the aerospace cluster is as important to us as it is. The work of this committee assures longer term sustainability of the aerospace cluster. For more information about the Aerospace In Action committee, please contact Matt Smith at 425.248.4219 or


Ambassador Committee

Our Ambassador Committee is a select group of volunteer investors. This position carries with it increased exposure among EASC investors and the business community. Ambassadors promote EASC events, services, and activities while networking with others. Ambassadors take an interactive role at events, are an integral part of the EASC overall retention and communication programs, and assist with welcoming new businesses and delivering materials to investors. The opportunity to establish close, business relationships with other Ambassadors helps everyone grow their businesses. If would like more information about being an ambassador, please contact Jim Stephanson at 425.248.4232 or


Military Affairs Committee

The Economic Alliance Snohomish County Military Affairs program focuses on establishing and maintaining strong bonds between the military, business and civilian sectors of Snohomish County communities. In doing so, it provides vital oversight for our State’s growing defense industry in the county.

Naval Station Everett (NSE) is the second largest employer in Snohomish County. The total economic impact of the military in the county is estimated to be $318 million. Assets at NSE include aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, expected to arrive this spring, replacing the USS Abraham Lincoln; guided missile destroyers USS Shoup and USS Momsen; frigates USS Ford, USS Rodney M. Davis and USS Ingraham; and US Coast Guard cutters Blue Shark and Henry Blake. Further military facilities in Snohomish County include the Naval Operations Support Center in Marysville, Jim Creek Radio Station, and military housing in Marysville and Lake Stevens.

EASC’s Military Affairs committee is the liaison within Economic Alliance Snohomish County for numerous initiatives that support the military affairs program. The committee sponsors strategic activities that range from local support for military personnel and their families to relationship building at the highest levels of federal congressional offices and the Pentagon. Delegations from EASC visit Washington D.C. and the Pentagon to discuss defense related issues with Congressional and military representatives. The annual EASC sponsored State of the Station event provides a community briefing on NSE activities and networking opportunities between military and community leaders.

For more information about the Military Affairs Committee, please contact Erik Ashlie-Vinke at 425.248.4217 or


Snohomish County Committee for Improved Transportation

Snohomish County Committee for Improved Transportation (SCCIT) was created in 1985 as Snohomish County’s transportation needs continued to outstrip available resources. Innovative solutions were and are still needed to address funding and other critical transportation needs of Snohomish County. SCCIT is a non-profit organization comprised of business, citizen and governmental leaders who share a common interest in seeking solutions to our transportation problems and assuring that we improve the quality of life for the residents of Snohomish County as well as providing a more competitive business environment.

For more information on SCCIT and their partnership with EASC, contact Erik Ashlie-Vinke at 425.248.4217 or